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Megan and Dan were ready to sell their rental property and needed help with sprucing it up. The kitchen and bathroom were of biggest concern; both rooms needed work, but they didn’t want to put a lot of money into improvements.

The existing kitchen floor was green, so I selected a coordinating tile backsplash and countertop, along with changing the color of the cabinets to bring the room together visually.

In the bathroom, the unpainted wood trim made the room look dark and oppressive. I suggested painting the trim and bead board wainscoting a neutral color to give a more open look, and continued this same color on the trim throughout the house to create unity and an allover finished look.

Finally, painting the exterior of the house was not in the plan, but painting a neutral color on both the door and the quaint architectural detail in the overhang was a simple change that defines and highlights the entrance. The end result was a polished looking little bungalow, ready to go on the market.


“Peggy helped us choose colors, tile and other finishes for a house we were preparing to sell. We found Peggy to be efficient and organized throughout the entire process. She was thoughtful and respectful of our ideas and concerns, listening carefully before offering suggestions. In the end her choices produced that “wow” factor where every room and finish seemed to blend together perfectly. We have no doubt that Peggy’s services increased the value of our home.”

Megan and Dan

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