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Ellen and Brian wanted to add wall color in their living room and stairwell and to change the existing color in their TV room. Ellen was stymied as to what color to choose and decided to call me in for help.

The first thing I noticed upon entering their home was the colorful, original artwork displayed throughout their living room. These pieces ranged from Asian art, whimsical paintings, to carvings. Most pieces had a re-occurring theme, the human face. While their style is somewhat eclectic the challenge was to bring together these rooms and their pieces without overpowering, but enhancing the color of the furniture and artwork.

My palette was one that would complement the broad range of color Ellen and Brian were drawn to: Burgundy, Blues, Greens, Yellow and Orange.


“I have never used a color consultant or interior designer. I have strong opinions about color, form, and design. That being said, there is no denying that in the past I chose a horrible lime yellow for the kitchen and lived with white washed walls that failed to add the warmth that I enjoy in a home. I contacted Peggy for advice on paint colors in our TV room, living room and stairwell. She had no agenda. She doesn’t impose any rote style upon you, but rather looks at your home and chooses colors that fit you. She is the opposite of cookie cutter. The opposite of rote. She carefully observed the type of artwork, furniture, and (ugh, I’ll use the term) "vibe" of our home, and chose colors to compliment, not change, the interior. I highly recommend her to friends.”


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