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Connie and Steve recently moved into a contemporary home, and at the same time purchased new furnishings to compliment the space. While they loved their new home, the stark white walls left the rooms feeling cold and uninviting. They wanted and needed color to give a sense of cohesiveness to the rooms, and to show their artwork at its best.

The existing furniture and artwork would be the inspiration for the color choices. The first challenge: the living and dining room, with abundant natural light, high ceilings and interesting architectural details. The next consideration was the fact that the hallway, staircase, and a portion of the family room and kitchen could all be viewed from one vantage point. The complication here is keeping the flow of color from room to room without everything being the same.

Five colors were selected for the living and dining, hall and staircase, to visually warm the space and to enhance the architectural detail. Although Connie was worried that the colors might be too dark, she trusted my choices and began painting. Throughout the painting process, her husband Steve voiced his trepidation about the proposed colors, but I urged him to wait until all the colors were on the walls before making up his mind.

When this phase was complete, Steve was delighted with the effect and was confident about my selecting the rest of the colors for their home. I chose two completely different colors for the family room and kitchen. These colors needed to flow smoothly from the living and dining room, and to compliment the existing furnishings and artwork. Once again, Steve was skeptical about these new colors, but again, he agreed to wait until the room was complete.

In the end, they were pleased with my original, though unorthodox, choice of colors. They love the transformation from plain white to color and warmth. The colored walls, adding accent and personality to the entire space, highlighting their artwork.


“My husband Steve and I found our contemporary "dream" home when we re-located to the Portland, Oregon area. I was confident our furnishings would fit beautifully and painting would be a cinch.

I soon realized that the task was quite challenging and frustrating. Every room was bright white with walls of windows. Finding a place for everything wasn’t working and there didn’t seem to be enough wall space for our artwork. Trying to choose colors that would compliment each other as you flowed from room to room was equally difficult.

Peg came in and analyzed our style based on our furniture and art work. She selected a palette of colors that worked together beautifully. She also arranged the furniture and even hung the art. Some of our existing pieces (not many) just didn’t quite work. Peg suggested items to look for that would fill in the gaps and make the rooms cohesive.

The entire process was affordable and painless. Painless for me anyway. Steve did object to a few of the colors. He was positive they were too dark. I insisted that Peg was the professional and she knew what was best. After all the rooms were painted and arranged, he agreed that everything was incredible.

We’ve met lots of wonderful people in Oregon and entertain quite often. All of our friends and guests compliment our decor every time thay come over, even if it’s for the 100th time. Thanks Peg, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Connie & Steve

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