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Bekah struggled with their living/dining room for 12 years, and the space always felt small, dark, and awkward. Since the main entry leads into the living area, it had to be relaxing and inviting, yet flow efficiently.

Bekah and Peter have a wonderful collection of artwork and furnishings. Some are from Peter's childhood in Africa, others have been collected over their decades together. Sadly, many of their treasures were unappreciated; tucked away in dark corners, incorrectly placed, or even in storage.

Their collection and furnishings needed only to be properly displayed to get the attention they deserved. Bekah requested a single red wall, and I decided on a color scheme that would tie together the red wall with the existing furniture and lighting. The family opted to do the painting themselves to save money, and items from their collection were brought out to appear on center stage. The family left the house for the day while I rearranged, anticipating the surprise and excitement of returning to a new home. I knew I had done my job when I saw Bekah's amazement and the tears in her eyes.


“The room finally works! The traffic flow is easy, and all the various uses of the room happen gracefully and effortlessly.

Our things look beautiful. Peg moved a lot of clutter, and brought our old things out of hiding. I’m amazed and proud of our furniture and art. I can see beauty in the room and in our collection that I hadn’t seen before; it was an ugly duckling and it is now our swan.

The place has soul. Life’s most enduring and important moments happen at the family table. Our dining room is now a warm comfortable spot in which we find more than bodily sustenance. I’m proud to have folks over and entertain, and after everyone leaves, I light candles and linger. On one wall Peggy created a space that we call the altar, a place to light candles for prayers. I love it.”


“Before Peggy came to our house and transformed it, the living room was boring, ugly, and small. I never really had people over to the house because I was embarrassed about how ugly it was. The walls were all a bland, dirty looking white, and the furniture was cluttered and not very functional. It was hard to walk through, and unpleasant to sit and talk in. Now that Peggy has helped out, it is brighter, more organized, and has a more personal touch to it. Instead of just a room that stores our things, the living room has become a family room. Everyone that has come to our house since it has been redone has complimented the new room and told us how awesome it looks. The Painted Room has truly improved not only our house, but our quality of life.”

Amelia, Bekah’s 15 year old daughter

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