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Paul and Artie were in a quandary on selecting paint colors for their exterior. They wanted their house to have a sunny feel because Seattle is so gray much of the year. They knew they wanted yellow but weren’t sure what type of yellow to choose. Upon seeing their exterior I could see potential for a shining jewel. They had planned on having the house re-sided, but weren’t clear on how they wanted the trim detail or size of boards for the siding on the exterior. I helped them work out some siding details and selected a yellow body color complemented by a soft cream trim color.


“We knew that our 100 year old house with 30 year old paint on 50 year asbestos shingles needed serious cosmetic makeover. We had a sense of what we wanted but after 4 trips to Benjamin Moore and 6 different trial quarts of yellow that really didn’t work, we knew we needed help. Peggy came over and in an hour helped to pick out exterior colors and two interior room colors that we absolutely love. She even came out and gave the siders ’suggestions’ that we never would have caught. Peggy really helped us to translate our own ideas (that we couldn’t articulate) into a house that we love and feel like is our design. Peggy has a great eye for detail; she is wonderfully comfortable giving her opinions, but also able to listen to what you want. I would whole-heartedly recommend her for any type of help with design/color decisions.”

Paul & Artie

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