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This mural was created for a room at No Cabbages, a Northwest bed and breakfast.

The innkeeper, who has an interest in analyzing dreams, wanted a soothing place for her guests to sleep and dream. She requested the image of a swamp (symbolizing deep soul work). This image of a full moon rising over a peaceful wetlands was adapted in part from a favorite children’s book.


“Just wanted you to know how much we love the mural in the guest room at No Cabbages, a Northwest bed and breakfast. I knew that we wouldn’t be disappointed, after seeing the creation in your daughter’s bedroom and Bekah’s house. Often, decorators show their own personality, but you listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly. I was so impressed. My husband built a whimsical frog bed, and over it I put the word "DREAM" in gold letters, but the room still needed pizzazz. Your mural, a full moon over a swamp, tied the room together, giving it warmth, depth and interest. My interest in analyzing dreams makes this my favorite room in the house. With the healing symbols of frogs (transformation) and of the swamp (deep soul work) it is now a magical place to sleep.”

Jamee, Owner

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