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Danya’s mother felt her daughter’s room was too cramped and dark. She wanted to clear out the toys her daughter no longer played with and create more open space. She stressed the fact that she wanted a "light, sunny feel", and needed direction in choosing new curtains and a bedside lamp, but wanted to stick with the existing bedding.

I chose the room colors from the bedspread. The colors in the bedding reminded me of Spring. To communicate that "sunny" feel, I decided upon the look of a fantasy garden, complete with sunflowers, daisies, insects, cattails and frogs. I offset this room’s long narrow layout by installing a chair rail and painting horizontal stripes from the rail to the baseboard. Old toys were removed; the furniture rearranged, and shelves above the desk, created a more open and workable space.


“Not only does Peggy make a room fun and full of life for a child, she did an outstanding job organizing and arranging the room. It absolutely amazed me how a room that was cluttered and ordinary was turned into a beautiful masterpiece. It was so rewarding to see my daughter’s expression the first time she saw her finished room.”

Cathy, Danya’s mom

“My room was boring before Peggy patid [painted] it. It reminds me of a flower garden and I love it! Peggy is a grate pater [great painter].”

Danya, 7 years old

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