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Your home is your sanctuary. You not only live there, but look forward to returning to it. No matter how you live your life, it is important that your environment relaxes and inspires you. Utilizing the subtle but profound effects of color in your home can soothe, stimulate, enliven, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

A Seattle based home interior arranging and color consulting service. Unlike traditional interior designers, we are not in the business of selling you an expensive line of home furnishings. Our specialty is helping you make better use of what you already own.

This approach is clearly economical, but more importantly, the end result is a room which reflects your personality and your tastes, not the latest trend. We also provide custom painting services, including color washes and textures, and theme painted rooms for adults and children.

The Painted Room is owned and operated by Peggy Nelsen, who grew up in the Seattle area. She attended Cornish Art Institute and has been working as a Graphic Designer for local businesses for over 20 years.

Peggy Nelsen lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Tom, and two of their most brilliant creations, Sophie and Bishop. When she’s not transforming someone else’s home, you can find her rearranging her garden with botanical color and texture.

While restoring her own home, and in particular her child’s room, she realized her passion for creating warm and inviting interiors, utilizing wall textures, color selection, furniture arrangement and wall decoration. When she created and painted a very special theme room for her daughter, her impressed friends and family convinced her to start her own business.

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The Painted Room can be found in this publication (pages 11, 15)